Limited Memberships

Motivate, boost, and award your group, customers, or understudies with corporate gift vouchers for Premium Skillpaata participations.

How they work

By buying a heap of Limited Memberships, you're giving the endowment of premium admittance to Skillpaata grant winning library of 35,000+ classes in inventiveness, self consideration, business, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Show employees you care                                                                                                       Boost customer loyalty

Prize your group with singular admittance                                                             Trench the conventional blessing crates. 

classes that drive motivation, self-awareness,                                                      Give your customers a definitive blessing that 

and usefulness.                                                                                                              has a little something for everybody.


Amp up your swag bags

From gatherings to occasions, Limited

Memberships let you give a blessing that

everybody will appreciate.

Our most frequently asked questions

Am I able to pay via credit card for a limited membership?

We can't acknowledge installment through Mastercard for Limited Memberships. Installment is acknowledged through receipt, wire, ACH store, or check.

When do Limited Memberships expire?

All Limited Memberships will lapse no later than one year from the date of your connection creation.

What is the difference between buying a set of Limited Memberships and purchasing a Skillpaata for Teams plan?

Restricted Memberships are present moment, individual Skillpaata  enrollments that are ordinarily given as endowments and the recipients have full authority over their Skillpaata account. Skillpaata for Teams is for associations hoping to utilize Skillpaata for innovative learning and advancement or as a worker perk. With Skillpaata for Teams plans, you can deal with your group all the more viably, give directed learning encounters, and gain admittance to covering group commitment.

Do you offer individual gift cards?

Tragically, we don't offer individual gift vouchers as of now. Notwithstanding, in case you're searching for a present for your companions, family, or group, if it's not too much trouble, go ahead and connect about buying a bunch of at least 10 Limited Memberships.

Can Skillpaata help me promote these limited memberships?

Yes! We will provide brand assets to help you market your Limited Memberships to ensure timely redemption.

Is a Limited Membership the same thing as a gift card or code?

Indeed, Skillpaata Limited Memberships are intended to work a similar route as a virtual gift voucher

What lengths of Limited Memberships can I purchase?

You can buy a bunch of 3-month, half year, or year Limited Memberships.