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Why Teach on Skillpaata?

At the point when you help other people along their imaginative excursion, it's remunerating in a greater number of ways than one. By instructing on Skillpaata, you can develop your web based after, offer in return, and bring in cash. Top acquiring educators make $100,000+ every year. 

Skillpaata educators are genuine working creatives and specialists anxious to share their ability. In case you're an accomplished inventive professional with tips, strategies and abilities to illustrate, we offer a broad set-up of assets and responsive help to assist you with making classes that motivate.

Teach Challenge

Go along with us in a month to month challenge for additional assistance making your class. With achievements, criticism and prizes to keep you on target, you'll distribute your five star instantly.

How Teaching Works

Create Your First Class 
  Create Your First Class
Film your Skillpaata class and distribute it with our simple class transfer device. We give assistance at all times.
Grow Your Following
Grow Your Following
There are a huge number of individuals learning on Skillpaata. We'll tell you the best way to construct your quality in the Skillpaata people group and past    
Earn Revenue       
Start Earning
You'll be paid month to month for each part who watches your classes, until the end of time. Top procuring educators make $100,000+ per year.

Frequently Asked Questions 



Who can teach on Skillpaata?                 

Skillpaata instructors are working experts, specialists, and topic lovers.yet, as long as your group clings to our Class Guidelines,it tends to be distributed on Skillpaata.There is no expense to distributing a class.



Do I need to promote my classes?

Skillpaata works on an enrollment model, so your class will have an underlying crowd from the beginning. We likewise have huge loads of tips to assist you with elevating your class to your own local area to assist you with amplifying your prosperity.

What's included in a Skillpaata class?

Skillpaata classes incorporate a blend of video exercises and a class project. All classes are pre-recorded and normal 30-40 minutes in all out length. The class project is a short task that assists individuals with setting their new abilities in motion.

Do you offer any resources for teachers?

Indeed! We offer assets like the Teacher Handbook and our Teach Challenge to help you assemble an extraordinary class. We're additionally accessible for any inquiries at

What should I teach?

Skillpaata classes are for makers, and fall into an assortment of themes, including delineation, plan, photography, video, outsourcing, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

How can I earn money?

You'll bring in cash through month to month eminences dependent on the measure of minutes watched in your classes in addition to a reference reward for each understudy you allude to Skillpaata Premium Membership.

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