We band together with similar brand envoys to share new classes and substance being made on Skillpaaa every week. You'll get a one of a kind following connection that you can use to share any Skillpaata interface through a Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet — anyway you pick!

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3,600+ Online Classes                                        6,000+ Student Project                                    30-Day Cookie

Find the best classes and video              Showcase creative work created by            Earn commission for each new customer

lessons for your audience.                            Skillpaata students.                                     you refer.


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Share special promotions we rotate      Track all your traffic, referrals, and                        Get paid each month for every new

every month.                                             payouts with a personalized dashboard.             customer you refer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skillpaata?

Skillpaata is a web based learning local area where you can investigate a great many classes in plan, photography, business, and then some. New clients can begin with a free preliminary to get limitless admittance to the whole index with a Premium Membership.


How does Skillpaata affiliate program work?

skillpaata subsidiaries can procure $7 in commission for each new client that pursues a Premium Membership or free preliminary. Each associate makes a custom record through Impact Radius that tracks their references continuously. References have 30 days from utilizing your connection to pursue a Premium Membership or free preliminary to meet all requirements for the commission.

Who is eligible for Skillshare's affiliate program?

Skillpaata partner program is allowed to join for anyone that has at any rate one exhibited channel and crowd that is lined up with Skillpaataimage. Channels include: online journals, Facebook gatherings, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter supporters, or email bulletins. All subsidiaries should make a record through Impact Radius and furthermore have a free Skillpaataaccount.

Do trial signups count as a referral?

Indeed! All preliminary recruits will tally towards your reference payouts. We may likewise make different kinds of preliminaries or offers accessible through the program that can assist you with upgrading your crowd.

Need more help?

Contact with more questions.